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Hi! We are Koscar, we launch a new retail experience revolution. This revolution is merging Physical + Digital.

Koscar was found in 2009 with a vision to help the transformation of the retail industry, upgrade to digital intelligent stores-by covering digital experiences on top of physical products, bring a new shopping experience to brands and retailers, increasing efficiency of the product conversion lift, and making customers be surprised. The future of retail marketing is to know what customers are doing, what products they are touching, and deliver the right marketing information to customers in the process of contact with products through the digital displays of goods.

This future shopping scene has actually been realized - we have succeeded in providing a whole intelligent retail solution for new retail brand stores, such as building new retail displays, shopping guide, shopping experience scene. And our sensor technology which detects when customers touch, pick up or put down products makes customers feel more pleasant and get an informative experience when they consider buying. We also integrate digital interactive displays with traditional props, this way integrated seamlessly into the traditional shopping mode makes the shopping experience is more comfortable.

We are a professional team assembled of retail experts, creatives, designers, software and hardware engineers, PhDs in Computer Vision, etc. We are keen to rebuild the in-store shopping experience and offer the most substantial, meaningful new retail shopping experience solutions.

Our businesses have kept up with the big way of an intelligent retail store, we are growing up so fast. Are you interested in changing the pattern of retail shopping and creating a new shopping scene experience with us by combining the magic of traditional props and digital intelligent display?

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