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​Interactive Vending Window

Large format  interactive video wall with smart vending

Location:  ,MAP store, han street, Wanda plaza, Wuhan, China

The first super retail monster in the world

Accurate access to user data, brand propagation fission

A brand-new  retail super-species, large screen display, better brand visual communication, support multi-person interactive query to buy goods, play game winning, verify mobile phone number and send prizes directly from the built-in vending system, fusion line Up and down, small items are purchased directly through the built-in vending machine, and large items can be scanned and linked to the online store for purchase. Collect user interaction data and upload it to the cloud server, such as the number of clicks on the product tour, the number of game open times, the winning information, the anonymous collection of the user's gender, age, etc.

        The application scene is the window position of the physical store, and the traditional window is subverted into an interactive intelligent retail device, which has a strong attraction to attract customers outside the store to the front of the window, and then leads into the store. It solves the pain points of physical store drainage, and at the same time, better spreads the brand through the way that brand elements are embedded in the game

How Super Retail Monster Works

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