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The Next Retail Shopping Experience

 When Traditional Retail Furniture 

Meets Intelligent Interactive and IOT


  to engage shoppers, analyze behavior and drive 30-80% sales lift

Seamlessly connecting to online store from Physical display experience through Intelligent multi-touch and multi users technologies.

Koscar delivers the perfect message at the perfect time, the moment a customer picks up your product

Shoppers who touch products are 40-60% more likely to buy them


University of Ohio


Focus On Intelligent Retail

Since 2009

Koscar was founded in 2009 with a transformational vision for the physical retail industry – By overlaying digital experiences on top of physical products, retailers and brands can enrich the shopping experience, drive remarkable product conversion lift and surprise and delight their customers. The future of retail marketing is physically aware displays that sense what customers are doing, what products they are touching and deliver the right marketing message at the right point of the journey.

That future is here and now - we’ve successfully delivered Physical + Digital marketing campaigns to a who’s who of retail innovators and category leaders. We believe these experiences can and should be magical.  That’s our mission. Our 3D sensing technology detects when shoppers touch, pick up or put down a product, triggering delightful and informative experiences at that critical moment when they consider purchase.  We merge the digital with the physical.

Intel Retail Solutions Partner Network 

Service Provider of Digital-in-store  of Alibaba 

The Future Retail is Here and Now

 Integrates Intelligent Interactive Technology to Retail Customers

Empowered by Koscar 

An Innovative Retail furniture

Enriches More Digital Contents to Shoppers  

Search by Categories, Brands and Key words Mo

Omni-Channel Retailing Seamlessly

New Retail Technology

Koscar's technology can be embedded into any retail display

In Single Shelf Displays

In Multi-Shelf Displays

In Case and Cabinets

In Interactive Tables

In Interactive Cases

In Interactive Windows

In Island displays

In End Caps


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Interactive Glass Windows

We provide a 3 meter-long transparent splicing displays which consists of four 49-inch HD LCD screen with a window-type intelligent shopping terminal for a flagship store of a famous Chinese company.  The purpose is to offer a new interactive shopping experience and shopping guide to users. And when users search the goods displayed in the window, the screen will show pictures and videos of goods.  That produces a better interactive effect than the traditional showcase . 

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AR Interactive intelligent displays

By the AR changing face game supported up to 3 people play at the same time to attract more users to stay in front of the displays. Beside, It can provide multi-user interactive queries and get shopping coupons by querying, and encourage customers to browse goods in the store.   

It can also play in turn pictures and videos of goods.


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Intelligent Centre Island type shelves

As our company's patent product,it combines the HD LCD displays screen and the conventional traditional central island cabinet with adding the RFID technology. It's a new revolution of selling goods and an integration of intelligent and traditional. It brings new experiences and shopping scenes to clients.  

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Intelligent transparent interactive Box

The intelligent transparent interactive Box is our company's patent product, it combines the transparent touch glass-screen with the traditional central island type cabinet in the store, and integrates the traditional display of goods with the intelligent displays.

The top of cabinet is a captive touch transparent display screen, inside the cabinet, there are RFID sensor, when customers take out the display goods (such as watches), the screen on the top will show the description details of the goods and QR code linked online shop.


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Our services


new retail solution


Intelligent store overall solution


intelligent tools design, production, installation


Intelligent retail equipment system solution

We are good at providing customized solutions of new retail experience guide. If you have a Taobao, Tmall, JD and other e-commerce online stores, and you want to get a more efficient, more valuable offline experience promotion while improving interaction between customers and stores, we can offer you the most suitable solution. If you have partners or customers who need service or products of interactive recreational experience, we can also provide several interactive recreational experience solutions.

Koscar helps brands and retailers to make things even better or to get rid of the development dilemma.

Only take precedence, surprise, and constantly create new system, new products, new markets, and competition of the new situation, the enterprise can be in an impregnable position.

Brands or retailers?

We will provide a targeted software and hardware that is fit for the brand concept or the style of retail products.

Agency or Fabricator?

We provide intelligent solutions specifically for agents or manufacturers, providing targeted equipment and software support.

Others ?

According to your needs, we do our best to customize a unique product for you.

Koscar insisted on giving the prefect experience at right time, the moment customers pick up your product.

Product's attraction

Counting the number of time that customers use the interactive device or RFID technology allows stores to adjust their sales strategies.

Customers flow

Our devices will give the statistics of customers who are interested in the interactive equipment according to the number of user.

Stay time

Give an average value of the time spent for each interactive devices. 

Manage better the store

According to the data we summarized, you can manager better product's stock and make more suitable marketing plan.

Customized UI

We will do our best to show your products to customers with rich contents and unique style.

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Koscar Interactive

Rm 1102, 11F, Gaoxin South Ring Rd.,

Overseas Venture Mansion, Phase 2
Shenzhen, China, 518057
Phone: +86-755-26921182  Fax: +86-18820931112

Mail: info@koscar.cn

Site: www.koscar.cn

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